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Business, Job or Travel …
When you stay in Shanghai,
Sometimes you will feel lonely or bored.

Why don’t you have to try different entertainment?
Yes, you maybe need a reliable massage services agency in Shanghai.

We are very glad to help you here. just need to call our hotline,
You will get you have never experienced the fun of an Oriental woman.

We dedicate our time to the worthy cause of providing the most professional,
healthy and comfortable massage services in or out of Shanghai in China.

We selected and trained ladies carefully our consultants to ensure any of them
can bring our honorable clients a fantastic experience.

All of our girls once studied traditional Chinese art, and they also learn modern service concepts.
They are a combination of modern and classical beauty, oriental and western diamonds.

Featured Services

Which option: YOU DECIDE.


Happy Massage

  • 1 for 1 service
  • 60 mins / 800 RMB
  • Popular Choice


BodyRub Massage

  • 1 for 1 service
  • 60 mins / 1000 RMB
  • Upgrade Choice


Full Package

  • 1 for 1 service
  • 60 mins / 1600 RMB
  • Best Value, And something else

We constantly check the quality of service to ensure we are the most competitive Shanghai massage agency.

Question and Answer

Why are some of your ladys’ faces blurred in their photos?

Our ladys have private lives outside escorting, so some of them wish to remain anonymous. In addition to this, many have professional careers or family and friends who don’t know they work as an escort.

What happens if I need to make a cancellation?

If you need to cancel your appointment and have given us enough notice, no fee will apply. However, if our staff has already started to make her way to your appointment, a cancellation fee of ¥100 will be payable and all cancelled appointments need to be done via the telephone.

How and when do I pay?

Your payment should be made in cash within the first 10 minutes of your lady’s arrival. After all, it’s best to get business out of the way, so you can simply relax and enjoy the rest of your time together. We only except cash as a payment and when you book the service you should always make sure you have the cash to pay her when she arrives.

Is it ok to have all my friends on the premises when I book a lady?

No, you have to tell us before making the booking of the situation, then its down to our discretion whether the booking goes ahead, if you have friends over and you dont tell us or you tell us they will be gone by the time the lady arrives, and she turns up with them there she has the right to leave with full payment as you have lied to us and wasted our time, we take the security of the escorts very serious.

Have fun!