A sweet graduate student girl

A sweet graduate student girl

★ nickname: Lili
★ age: 23
★ height: 164 cm
★ available: nighttime

Lili, a sweet Central-western China girl with a definite wild side, a good-girl graduate student by day with a ravenous appetite for excitement and pleasure.

After a few years in sunny east China, followed by degrees at a top League college, Shanghai has given me the chance to explore all my fantasies. I’ve discovered the freedom to explore far beyond the seemingly quiet, nerdy, good-girl persona that I’m known for the rest of my life. I’m thrilled and electrified to be here.

By day I’m an all-too-proper graduate student….by night I explore what I used to only dream about when reading my favorite books or living vicariously through my favorite films. When I’m not studying you can find me running (I’m pretty good), doing yoga (I’m learning!), or on the balcony at a folk dance (I’m obsessed). The city is still new to me and I love to explore every chance I get.

If you’d like to gain an idea of just how much I enjoy my adventures, I’d be delighted. I’m always honored to meet new friends, and it would be my pleasure for you to join me.